Spray Dryer

For processing the raw material which is a liquid into a dry powder. The sprinkler spray liquid is dispersed as heat in the drying hopper.


Falling Film Evaporator

t is the evaporation of water from the raw material to make a liquid concentrate. Use a low temperature evaporation so, it compatible with almost any liquid.


Hi-Speed Extractor

is extracted using high temperature and high pressure water to erode and flow through the grind herbal in order to get an extract water.


Alcohol Recovery Evaporator

It is a machine that evaporates alcohol to reuse repeatedly because one of the most widely used is the extraction with alcohol.


Superheated Steam dryer

It uses superheated steam drying that has excellent ability to maintain quality, color, and flavor of the food.



It is the machine that brings powder from Spray dryer and makes the particles bigger so that it can melt in water much better.